Cloud Beam Dining Table


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At first glance, the quiet lines of this large dining room table suggest a perfect rectangle. However, a closer look reveals the fact the edges of the piece are neither hard nor linear. Instead they are rounded, polished and smooth. The real character of the work, however, is derived from the swirls and other imperfections on its surface, underlining the fact the table is a love child of Mother Nature, which celebrates the perfection of the imperfect or wabi-sabi. 

Since every tree is different, the color of this hand-made table carries its distinct color and patterning. 

Our eco-friendly, toxin-free wax finish is resistant to spills, stains and heat, designed for longevity.

Handcrafted with detachable legs for moving.

Seats 12.

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On Closer Look

The edges of this stunning piece are neither hard nor linear. Instead they are rounded, polished and smooth.

Brand Values

Individual Creativity

Our distinct pieces are made in an area known for their woodworking mastery, where the designers and woodworkers spend several years as apprentices honing their craft. We know that by sourcing our furniture from this area and design firm, we are ensuring that each piece is produced with meticulous attention to detail, a distinct aesthetic, skilled craftsmanship, and a minimalist approach to solid joinery. And by creating furniture “as nature intended,” it is readily apparent that each piece is nuanced and intriguing.

Brand Values


We intentionally curate Albizia Saman wood from healthy trees that are expertly chosen for their suitability for premium furniture. The grain texture of each item is distinct, and the live edge interacts with the tree's distinctive qualities as "nature-intended." 

Brand Values


Our design company follows a strict harvesting methodology. This means we can demonstrate that every table we import is created in a sustainable manner using legally obtained, sustainably produced timber. As for the finer details, we always know where the tree came from, who cut it down, what license was used, and how the tree was carried. And to boot, currently, we’re working on a tree planting campaign that will give a portion of proceeds to regenerative forest propagation.

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White Glove Delivery

Delivery to the room of your choice. Expertly unpack and place each piece. Remove and recycle packaging.

Customer Support

We are available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM MST to answer your questions and discover a distinct piece for your home.

Commonly Asked Questions

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