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At Mountain Gate Woodworks, we celebrate the inherent, organic beauty of the natural world.

By staying true to the sculptural artistry of the forest, we blur the line between outside and inside, evoking a sense of wonder within the home.

Wood, a timeworn material, has long been a mainstay in furniture. But at Mountain Gate Woodworks, the wood is Albizia Saman wood. By branching out of the typical — oak, cherry, and pine — this type of wood is comforting and surprising as it flatters any space.

Nature's Echo

The impact is obvious, even when it’s not front and center

Sidestep the Typical

A Centerpiece Poised to be the Talking Piece



With the wild lands as the source of inspiration, our debut collection has arrived from the grounds of Northern Thailand, where we source sustainable Albizia Saman wood and other rare wood. Our collaborators and craftspeople are committed to sustainable harvesting, making extensive use of reclaimed wood and strictly following regenerative harvesting practices.

Minimal design with maximum wow-factor

Curvaceous: A Welcomed Change

The no straight lines trend

Paying homage to the land where the tables were handcrafted, no two pieces are alike.

Pieces for those charmed by the unexpected.

Trending up, but not trendy

Organic shapes are getting their due time in the interior design spotlight making this piece an obvious choice for a living room or primary bedroom.

Juxtaposing luxury and simplicity

Maintaining a connection with the outdoors by having Mother Nature lead the way is as usable as it is interesting.

Not your stereotypical, formulaic mountain home piece

Distressed wood. Burnish finish. Flanked in patina metal. That's been done.

Instead, combine the rustic with the refined. Straddle organic luxury. Bring in pieces that wind and climb, twist and turn.


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